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Pro Grip Harness for RC Transmitter Radio Tray 2 Point and 1 Point for Transmitters



The Pro Grip Harness is ideal for use on any brand transmitter tray.  It can also be easily converted to a 1 point harness for use with a transmitter only.

The Pro Grip Harness has been designed to offer maximum comfort and adjustability.  The Harness back is made of a light, soft, breathable material for maximum comfort.  The Yoke is durable, soft and will not ride up your neck like other brand harnesses.

By attaching the included ring and clip, this quickly converts to a 1 point harness for a transmitter without a tray.  You can experience neck relieving comfort as the harness evenly distributes weight and pressure across the shoulders.

The nylon webbed strap is 1.25″ wide and is adjustable for chests 28″~48″.  The 2″ rings have stainless steel clips attached to securely and easily attach to your transmitter tray.

The front straps, used to quickly adjust the height position of your tray or radio, are securely attached with industrial grade hook and loop.  This allows convenient yet secure adjustment without the need to remove the harness.

The Pro Grip Harness is custom made to our specifications and will fit any brand transmitter tray.


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