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Pro Grip Radio Tray


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The Pro Grip Radio Tray was specifically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.  We feel a tray should fit the pilot’s style, not make the pilot adjust to the tray.  Whether that puts the transmitter up high, down low or anywhere in between, the Pro Grip Radio Tray can do it!
The upper arms allow the pilot to adjust the “tilt” of the tray.  Simply loosen the wing nuts with one hand, adjust the tray tilt and tighten them back up.
The hand wrests allow for vertical adjustment, front to back as well a swiveling to various angles.  Most other trays have fixed hand wrests which make access to switches and rear sliders awkward or impossible.  With the Pro Grip Radio Tray, you can adjust the position and angle to allow for full access and comfort.
The mounting position for the transmitter is also adjustable to allow for different radios which may be long or short and the arms can be adjusted to accommodate a narrow or wide radio.  This allow you to use different radios in the same tray.
The quick mount/dismount feature does not require gluing on a button, using Velcro or risk scratching your radio.
The Pro Grip Radio Tray is all aluminum construction, blue anodized finish with comfortable, soft pads for your hands.  The included neck strap is adjustable woven nylon and a reversible no-slip or soft neck pad.
The Pro Grip Radio Tray was designed and developed by modelers determined to create the ultimate tray.
Try one today and see what comfort can really feel like!
(Sorry, radios are not included)

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