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Mamba 120 ARF


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The Mamba 120 combines light weight, modern design with the latest 3D/aerobatic biplane knowledge from Quique Somenzini. Experience and intense attention to every aerodynamic and geometric detail allow a biplane experience not available anywhere else!

Starting with a Model 12, officially licensed from Jim Kimball Enterprises, Quique Somenzini has made various changes to further refine the design and further perfect it as a 3D aerobatic model.

Light wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are key to great 3D performance and the Mamba 120 excels in this area. Years of F3A and 3D biplane experience make Quique uniquely qualified to design and further refine the Mamba to fly just right.


  • Designed by Quique Somenzini
  • Laminated carbon fiber, fiberglass, plywood and balsa structure keeps the model lightweight, yet incredibly strong.
  • Horizontal stabilizers are easily removed and the elevator servos are mounted in the stabs – no flying wires and no linkages to disconnect for transport
  • Airfoiled tail surfaces provide enhanced flight performance and strength
  • Interplane struts are quickly assembled or disassembled thanks to the retention pin design.
  • Carbon fiber landing gear included in the box
  • Two piece cowling for easier engine access
  • Lightweight “soda bottle” style fuel tank included
  • Large main hatch with auxiliary forward hatch provide easy access to the fuel system and other components
  • Quick to assemble! Hinges and control horns (where possible) are installed by the factory.
  • Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants and Cowling
  • Factory applied trim scheme

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