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Booma Rc Wallaby Switch



Welcome version 2 of the all popular Wallaby Switch. We have added active battery redundancy and balancing as well as active low voltage warning to the worlds most compact high power intelligent switch for Radio Controlled and Robotics applications.

Wally offers digital microprocessor control to monitor the voltage of your models receiver batteries. Wally also employs the latest in micro power technology so you can keep Wally connected to your receiver batteries 24/7. The built in dual battery redundancy circuit ensures that if one battery fails it is completely isolated from the circuit. We have also added active battery balancing so both batteries are utilized to their maximum potential.

Add a Booma RC Wallaby Switch to your next project for peace of mind knowing your batteries are being watched 24/7

We offer several different connector options for Wallaby II. Please look below for standard connector options. If you have a special connector requirement that is not shown just send us an email with your required specification.

Click Here to Download Wallaby Switch Instructions


Watch a sample of some the prototype vibration tests for Intelliswitch and Wallaby Switch


– Microprocessor control – of 2 x high powered digital switching circuits.

– Fail Safe Switching – of both batteries.

– High Bright LED – for easy daylight reading.

– Voltage Monitoring – of each battery.

– Selectable Battery Type – for monitoring of LifeP04, LiPo or Lion battery chemistries.

– Low Voltage Alarm via LED indication.

– 2 x 15 Amp constant current capability. (2 x 20 Amp for 30 seconds)

– Micro-Power Design less than 0.1mA in standby mode.

– Input Voltage 6v to 13v.

– Weight 17 grams.

– Dimensions 36mm x 17mm (1.41 x 0.66 inches).


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